Additional resources being dedicated to ED management

Message from Dr. Roger Humphries, Department Chair:

I would like to thank all of the EM clinicians that work so hard 24/7/365 to take great care of our ED patients. As our EDs have gotten busier and busier, additional resources are being dedicated to ED management. Beginning this month the following changes will occur.

  • Development of an Emergency Medicine Operations Committee.  This committee will meet monthly and have multidisciplinary representation (EM medical directors, residency leadership, resident, nursing, pharmacy, radiology, lab and hopefully an IT staff member); Faculty members of the committee will report on the work of the committee each month at the EM Faculty Meeting.
  • Dr. Daniel Moore will serve as the Director of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Dr. Moore will direct our Morbidity and Mortality Conference (and other ED operations resident educational sessions), review 72 hour returns, deaths and in hospital escalation of care episodes and oversee the systems issues that are identified at SWARMS or through other discussions. Other responsibilities will include assisting residents with QI projects and also oversee any initiatives such as the “doctor at triage” or the “pod system” plans.
  • Dr. Emily Stover will become the Assistant Medical Director helping Dr. Stearley with “day to day” ED management issues in addition to being a key member of the ED Operations Committee.  Dr. Stover will serve as the department liaison to Neurology and will sit on the Door to Needle QA Committee.

I would like to thank Drs. Stearley, Moore, and Stover, for agreeing to work together to continue to improve operations on the adult side of the Chandler ED. Special thanks to Dr. Craig Carter as well for all of his work managing APPs and being the medical director of the Peds ED, and to Dr. Allison Rains for her work managing the Good Sam ED.

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