Christopher Doty‏ @PoppasPearls from ACOEP 2018

#PhysicianResilience Burnout and depression are related but not synonymous. Both are HUGE issues for us. . . Docs with Clinical Depression are at higher risk

#PhysicianResilience What we do has tremendous impact!!! Remember that on the tough days. Watch this and think about the 100’s of times you had an impact like this as a provider. It happens every day. #WhatYouDoMatters”

#PhysicianSuicide The number about 400 deaths per year by American physician. . . The number is WAY higher. That study seriously underestimate[s] the numbers.

#PhysicianSuicide. What can I do?
1. Recognize the risk  2. Normalize the problem  3. Normalize the conversation  4. Increase connectivity  5. Make a connection  6. Take care of each other.

Chris Doty, MD


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