Christopher Doty (@PoppasPearls) & Nicole Battaglioli (@batt_doc) to be speakers at BalancED

Nicole Battaglioli, MD,  Assistant Professor and Assistant Program Director, and Christopher Doty. MD, Professor and Vice Chair of Education, Department of Emergency Medicine, will be speakers at BalancED, sponsored by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), February 19-22, 2019, in Ojai, California.

Dr. Nicole Battaglioli






  • Colleague at Risk Cases Workshop
  • Emergency Physician Recovery Post Traumatic Events/Debriefing & the Second Victim Workshop
  • The Komorebi Workbook Sessions

Dr. Christopher Doty






  • Personal Wellness SWOT Analysis: Where are YOUR Wellness Weak Spots?
  • Holy Smoke! What Do I Do Now: Dealing with a Colleague’s Suicide
  • Performing Your Own Personal SWOT Analysis Workshop
  • Being Titanium or Being Rubber: Building Resilience in Others


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