Development of new way to route patients through the UK ED system efficiently

Check out University of Kentucky News, UKNow’s article, New Emergency Department Intake System Creates Vital Changes by Mallory Olson.

“’Emergency’ and ‘wait’ are two words that cannot go together,” said Dr. J. Daniel Moore, an associate professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Kentucky. “We should not be bringing patients back who are even more sick than they were when they walked through the doors just because they had to sit and wait for an exorbitant amount of time.”

Moore is part of a team at UK HealthCare that has developed a new way to route patients through the system efficiently, implementing a mixture of novel and evidence-based solutions that other institutions have successfully deployed. It has nearly eliminated the number of patients who leave the ED without being seen and is drastically improving patient access to the care they need. . .

“This model has shown to be effective at large primary academic centers dealing with a near constant demand for capacity,” Moore said.

Dr. Roger Humphries, chair of the UK Department of Emergency Medicine, knows that there’s still more to do. Like other academic medical centers around the U.S., there are still more patients than beds, but that’s a consistent problem nationwide. . . “Overall, the difference this process has made in our ED over two years is unprecedented,” said Humphries. “We are excited to share our research, to share proven results with other hospitals and be a leader for positive change.””

Dr. J Daniel Moore

Dr. Roger Humphries

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