EM Residency Graduate Class of 2014

The University of Kentucky Emergency Medicine Residency is pleased to present the Graduating Resident Class of 2014. The graduates’ completion ceremony was held June 19th at Spindletop Hall, Lexington, KY.

 The Class of 2014 gained invaluable training and clinical experience during their emergency medicine residency training. Each graduate strived for excellence in all aspects of emergency medicine and is prepared to provide compassionate and quality patient care in their community. We wish them all the best as they move forward in their Emergency Medicine career.

  Class of 2014
Timothy R. Howes, M.D.
Nicholas A. Irwin, M.D.
Jakob Kissel, M.D.
William B. Pace, M.D.
Adam W. Scrogham, M.D.
Christopher C. Shaw, M.D.
Matthew E. Smith, M.D.
Mary N. Wardrop, M.D.





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