EM Faculty contributors to new Emergency Medicine Textbook

Congratulations to Drs. Christopher Doty, Seth Stearley, Ian Boyd, and former faculty, Drs. Farhad Aziz and Justin Rose, who are contributing chapter authors to Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Department, 2nd edition; Wolters Kluwer. Amal Mattus et al. 2017.

Doty, CI; Know How to Treat Mammalian Bites

Stearley, S and Boyd, I; A Normal Bicarbonate Value Does not Exclude an Acid-Base Disturbance 

Aziz, F and Rose, J; Understand the Role of Magnesium in the Treatment of  Hypokalemia

Ian Boyd, MD

Chris Doty, MD

Seth Stearley, MD

Farhad Aziz, MD

Justin Rose, DO


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