Faculty Publication in AEM Education and Training

Congratulations to Dr. Bronner and co-authors on their new publication, The Standardized Video Interview: How Does It Affect the Likelihood to Invite for a Residency Interview?

Abbas Husain MD, Ida Li MD, Brahim Ardolic MD, Michael C. Bond MD, Jan Shoenberger MD, Kaushal H. Shah MD, Arlene S. Chung MD, Jeffrey Van Dermark MD, Jonathan M. Bronner MD, Melissa White MD, Todd Taylor MD, William Caputo MD, Matthew Silver MD, William C. Krauss MD, Daniel J. Egan MD, Moshe Weizberg MD. AEM Education and Training. 2019 Jul;3(3):226-232.  https://doi.org/10.1002/aet2.10331. Epub 25 Feb. 2019.

Jonathan Bronner, MD

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