Linda Katirji featured in KACEP/ACEP Summer 2016 E-Newsletter

Linda Katirji, PGY-1, was featured in the Kentucky/ACEP  Chapter’s Summer 2016 E-Newsletter. Linda attended ACEP’s Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC,  this past May, as the EM Residency Program’s Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (EMRA) representative. Linda stated in her newsletter interview that she had, “not admittedly been very politically inclined, so I was at first nervous about attending the conference. However, this ended up being the perfect way to delve into the world of healthcare policy . . . It was humbling to be able to speak face to face with some of our nation’s leaders, and I felt that I was able to directly advocate for our patients . . .  I’m very thankful to KACEP and my residency program, University of Kentucky Emergency Medicine, for making it possible for me to attend.”

Linda Katirji, MD

Linda Katirji, MD


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