Dr. Akpunonu attends Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Peter Akpunonu, Assistant Professor, presented the following topics at the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine held December 4-9, 2017, in Dubai, UAE.

Poster Presentations:

  • Neonatal Abstinence after Maternal Kratom Use
  • Naja Mossambica Snakebite in Kentucky

Oral Presentation:

  • Premature Closure Pyrethrins or Pheochromocytoma?



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Check out Linda Katirji’s blog on the CORD Student Advisement Task Force (SATF) Roundup

The CORD Student Advisement Task Force recently met at the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Washington, D.C. The task force is working to improve advising for medical students as they become Emergency Medicine applicants.

Linda Katirji, PGY-3; @gewgly, is a member of the SATF and serves as the Assistant Editor to The Vocal Cord.

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EM faculty and resident on 2018 Rocky Mountain Winter Conference on Emergency Medicine Agenda

Christopher Doty, MD, Professor and Vice Chair of Education, and Rob Rogers, MD, Professor and Vice Chair of Faculty Development, will provide the following didactics at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Winter Conference on Emergency Medicine in Breckenridge, CO.

Christopher Doty, MD

  • Engaging Millennial Learners with New Educational Technologies
  • Doing a Personal SWOT Analysis? Where are YOUR Wellness Weak Spots?
  • Keeping the Wheels on the Bus When the Next Difficult Delivery Rolls into Your ED

Rob Rogers, MD

  • Bullet Points Suck! – Making Your Presentations Rise above the Rest
  • Don’t Let Your Next MI Patient be You!
  • All Star Speakers From Every Shop Face Off!

Chris Belcher, MD, PGY-3

Will participate in Take the Stage! The RMWC Resident Speaker Competition

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