Resident Resources

  1. The EM Resident Handbook has been compiled for your convenience as a reference for general information, program requirements, and rotation goals and objectives.  Click here to access the EM Resident Handbook.
  2. The Residents’ “Unofficial Resident Handbook” provides unique ED and Rotation tips for residents.
  3. Ephraim Orientation Manual
  4. Ephraim Resident Checklist
  5. PGY 2 Ephraim CommunityEM Goals and Objectives
Resident Wellness
ACLS Teaching
Contacting of Supervising Faculty
Covering Floor Codes
Policy of Moonlighting
Res Work Environment and Duty Hours
Resident Fatigue Policy
Supervision and Progression of Responsibility
Transfer of Care & Patient Handover
Clinical Competency Committee Description and Responsibilities
Program Evaluation Committee Description and Responsibilities
EM Policy on Residents’ Professional Development Funds
Policy Authorization to Obtain and Utilize Images
Consent Form for Video or Photo
EM Hands-Off Policy
Policy on How to Log Procedures
Policy on How to Obtain Asynchronous Credit

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