EM Resident and Faculty Collaboration on Toxicology Poster Presentation

Jacob Shopp, MD, PGY-3, and Emergency Medicine Faculty, Peter Akpunonu, MD, and Christopher Doty, MDcollaborated on a poster abstract titled, Gun Bore Cleaner Fails to Treat Contact Dermatitis. Dr. Akpunonu presented the poster at Menatox 2018, held in March, in Muscat, Oman. Dr. Akpunonu also presented an oral presentation on Poison Past: Iraq Toxic Grains Epidemic.

The Poster Case Report presented a 49-year-old Nepali female who sustained chemical burns after application of a gun cleaner (Hoppes No. 9 gun bore cleaner) to treat cutaneous Contact Dermatitis.

The patient remained in the hospital for ten days. During her hospital course, she was evaluated by multiple specialty and subspecialty teams including plastic surgery, ENT, infectious disease, and dermatology. The patient had improvement in her supraglottic edema on repeat nasopharyngeal scoping. Additionally, the patient completed her 10-day course of acyclovir. Dermatology and plastic surgery teams recommended topical mupirocin for her wound.

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