Hartej Dhillon, MD

    About Hartej Dhillon, MD

    Home Town

    Montreal, Canada

    Undergraduate Institution

    University of Ottawa

    Medical School

    University of Kentucky


    University of Kentucky Emergency Medicine

    About Me

    Born and raised in the great white north, “eh”, and yes, I like hockey and I speak French. Other than that, I like to cook, socialize and in general have a good time. I don’t take myself too seriously and am very happy to be an EM resident!

    Why UK?

    I moved to Kentucky because after 20+ years of living in sub-zero temperature it was time for a change. After interviewing here for medical school I loved the area, the horses, and the bourbon. EM was never a question and UK was where I would get the best training. With our high volume and extremely high acuity the training is top notch with more than enough procedures. It also comes with some of the best faculty in the hospital,l who treat you with respect and trust you. It has exceptional ultrasound training as well. I seriously consider UK as one of the top programs in the nation.

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