Sunny Peta, MD

    About Sunny Peta, MD

    Home Town

    Coral Springs, FL

    Undergraduate Institution

    Florida State University

    Medical School

    The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences


    University of Kentucky Emergency Medicine

    About Me

    An avid traveler, self-proclaimed Foodoctor (food reviews on Instagram @spetamd), and Zubichon puppy owner. I was born in India and moved to 'Murica when I was 7 and then moved around a bunch before settling down in the geriatric, bipolar weather state known as Florida. Then I went to FSU because "we ain't come here to play school" (FSU is a huge party school). Soon thereafter, I proceeded to move to Toledo for med school because winter was coming and I wanted to experience it (never again). After med school, I moved to Lexington for residency and met some of the coolest, friendliest people who have become like family.

    Why UK?

    "We have really sick people" "We see a lot of trauma" "We work hard and play hard" "We have a very receptive faculty" "Wellness is a big part of our residency" Those are all quotes you'll hear on the interview trail. First of all, I can honestly say that we have some THE sickest people in the country (eastern KY) based on our statistics from a huge ongoing project being conducted nationwide with the UHC. We see a TON of trauma because people in KY don't use turn signals and are also really really sick. We have 30+ residents and 3+ different group chats which are active at all times of the day and are always setting up hangouts at any time of the day (or night). We truly do work hard and play hard. Our faculty consists of the some of the most well known and well-respected people in EM. We've been a residency for over 20 years and we are still making changes as generations change and as healthcare, in general, undergoes changes. UK is a gorgeous hospital with tons of perks (huge salary raise recently? yes.) Lexington has a TON to offer (coming from South Florida...this was a huge plus) including an amazing downtown area with a nightlife that is hoppin' every night and NUMEROUS places to eat. If you think you're an easy going person, like to eat food, love to hang-out in a non-hospital setting, and have unique hobbies, we would love to have you at UK.


    Searching for the ultimate fried chicken sandwich in the country, racquetball, Photoshop, Xbox, staying fit, beverages (of all kinds)

    Area of Interest

    Medical Student Education, Critical Care Medicine, Social Media in Medicine

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